♕ FULL VIDEO: onlinechesslessons.net ♕ ARTICLE ►: www.onlinechesslessons.net ♕ facebook.com ♕ twitter.com In the above excerpt from the 1995 Intel Grand Prix in London, Michael Adams faced an extremely aggressive attack all over the board by a determined Jeroen Piket. The promotional video excerpt began around move 3 as Adams played very provocatively in the center. Kasparov Crushes Arbakov in Crazy King’s Indian Defense GM King begins his analysis in the above video excerpt at move 15. a4, as white tries to initiate counterplay on the queenside to distract Kasparov from his attack on the kingside. With 22. …c4! Kasparov sacrifices a pawn to slow down white’s queenside pressure, granting black just enough time to build up immense pressure on the kingside. This game exemplifies Kasparov’s genuine attacking style, as the former World Chess Champion simply refuses to back down – instead preferring to mount more and more pressure in the position until the opponent collapses and gets mated. Aggressive Anand Builds Attack, Destroys All The above video excerpt begins on move 38, in the middle of a very complicated struggle. Anand had just achieved a beneficial exchange of minor pieces to highlight the weakness of black’s king, however Dreev was stubbornly defending via his energetic counterplay on the queenside. Anand’s subtly brilliant play in this game is exactly what made him a 5+ time World Chess Champion.

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