► www.chess.com?ref_id=1552369 ★ FACEBOOK http ★ TWITTER twitter.com ★ GOOGLE+ plus.google.com ★ LIVESTREAM twitch.tv This is a LIVE blitz chess game with commentary played on chess.com while livestreaming at www.twitch.tv/ChessNetwork. Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player. Opening: Caro-Kann Defense (Exchange Variation) ECO B13

This video introduces an opening system I have been working on creating. I call it the Pincer Attack. I go through some live games in this video, and will make a follow up video going over a main line I have created by going through engine analysis. For a Christmas video I will be posting next week, I would like to have pictures of my subscribers in it. Email me pictures of you, your friends or family, or even your chess club to jrobichess@gmail.com History of the Pincer Attack: While I was looking up military strategies I came across mention of the Pincer Attack. The general goal of the strategy is to somewhat attack in the center, and flank your opponent on both sides. I came up with a position with white that I felt could accomplish this, and then placed it into Rybka and let it play itself for a series of 3 minute games. The primary result were draws, with occassional wins from black and white. This tells me the structure is solid when considering human play. I am putting this concept out to my subscribers to collaborate on possible lines and ideas around the Pincer Attack opening. Visit my personal web site www.jrobichess.com for a variety of free chess resources and training materials. jrobichess on Twitter www.twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5