★ FACEBOOK facebook.com ★ TWITTER twitter.com ★ GOOGLE+ plus.google.com ★ LIVESTREAM twitch.tv This is a blitz chess game I played against a random opponent who was selected from the ChessNetwork Cafe on ChessCube. The game was livestreamed at www.twitch.tv/ChessNetwork. Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player. Opening: Catalan Opening
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Killer Chess Openings for Black: 1. e4 b6 (pt 2/2)

♕ Smirnov’s YT Chan: youtube.com ♕ www.onlinechesslessons.net ♕ In these lessons, we analyze a very interesting and greatly underestimated opening for Black: 1.e4 b6 Here Black uses a hypermodern concept: let your opponent place his pawns in the center, and make them targets for your attack afterwards! This opening is jam-packed with a lot of tricks and active possibilities for Black. Plus, this will surprise your opponent and drag him into unknown territory. Without a shred of doubt, 1…b6 is a menacing weapon (especially against amateur players and in quick games). And as if that’s not enough, you can apply the same opening for White (by playing 1.b3). If playing 1…b6 is more than playable, certainly, it won’t hurt if you have an extra tempo as White! You can hit 2 spots with only 1 video. Check it out NOW! ☺ 1) Extend your knowledge by reviewing 1.b3 for White: gmsmirnov.com 2) Deepen your positional understanding of typical middlegame positions with a free lesson “Breaking Stereotypes” (part-2): gmsmirnov.com 3) And speed up your overall chess progress with the free COURSE “Quick Success In Chess”: chess-teacher.com ————— In the 2nd part of a lesson we’ll analyze the main lines and the most challenging variations. You’ll learn a couple of new tricks and will demolish your future opponents convincingly! PS Plus you’ll find the answers to all of the questions you sent me. ————— ♕ http ♕ twitter.com