♕ FULL VIDEO: www.onlinechesslessons.net ♕ MORE: www.onlinechesslessons.net facebook.com | twitter.com White opens with the c3 Sicilian and black employs one of the main responses with 2. …Nf6 – immediately pressuring white´s e4-pawn while developing a piece. The opening continues fairly normally however we can see what IM Collins is talking about in the video – the knight on b6 really is worthless! White is able to rapidly generate a direct attack against black´s king, meanwhile all of black´s pieces are unable to help defend as white´s e5-pawn does an excellent job of cramping black´s position and blocking communication with the kingside. With 21. Bxf5!! white tore open black´s kingside, leading to a decisive attack and black´s resignation after only 26 moves!
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