Kasparov Sacrifices Everything!!! - Kasparov's Immortal (Kasparov vs Topalov)

♕ MORE: www.onlinechesslessons.net facebook.com | twitter.com Kasparov was playing some of the best chess of his career in 1999 and in the following chess video we will take a look at how he destroyed one of his strongest contemporaries Veselin Topalov in a complicated Pirc Defense. Kasparov´s opening play was very solid and after the subtly strong maneuver 12. Kb1, 13. Nc1, 14. Nb3, and 18. Na5 white had achieved in slightly breaking the coordination of black´s pieces. Momentarily it appeared that Topalov´s position was very promising as he broke the center with 19. …d5, however Kasparov was well-prepared for the opening of the position and emerged with a dangerous initiative that he very attentively transformed into a decisive attack against black´s king, sacrificing a rook and a knight to flush black´s king out to a3 on move 31! Interface used ICC: www.chessclub.com
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