How to Play Aggressive Chess - GM Misa Pap (French Defense - Milner-Barry Gambit)

♕ ARTICLE/PGN ►: | GM Misa Pap is an experienced Grandmaster with a naturally aggressive style. The Serbian GM is well-known in European club leagues as a fierce attacker with a knack for sacrifices and gambits. In the following exclusive chess video for OnlineChessLessons.NET, GM Misa Pap analyzes one of his best games where he absolutely destroyed the French Defense with the Milner-Barry Gambit – an extremely provocative opening where white sacrifices a pawn on move 8 to achieve a dangerous initiative against black´s undeveloped center. This is GM Pap´s first chess video for OnlineChessLessons.NET and we would certainly appreciate your feedback and comments to motivate him to make more chess videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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