Chess Openings- The King's Gambit

The King’s Gambit is a sharp attack against the king side of black. White gives up a pawn to start the game in exchange for a lead in development. Black has to be very careful as one wrong move and white’s aggressive game can quickly win the game. Make sure to check out more great chess content at:
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Chess Openings from Swedish Chess TV-program “Chess TV” – Episode 329 Since the start in August 2004, more and more channels have started broadcasting Chess TV. Chess TV has become very successful and has continued to gain popularity. If you are interested in airing ChessTV on your channel, feel free to contact us! For the time being, ChessTV is aired on Open Channels in Stockholm, Skövde, Växjö, Uddevalla and Jönköping in Sweden.
Video Rating: 5 / 5