Signup for FREE online play at! Learn how to handle the white and black sides of one of the main defenses to 1.d4, the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. National Master Kostya Kavutskiy tells you the moves of the opening, the reasons behind the moves, and the plans for the upcoming middlegame in just a few minutes! Check our “Chess Openings” playlist to learn other openings, or subscribe to our channel for a variety of new, quality chess videos.

Play Like Tal with GM Simon Williams (GingerGM)

♕ FULL VIDEO: ♕ MORE: | With the white pieces Botvinnik begins the game with a flexible set-up, eventually transposing to the Fianchetto Variation of the King´s Indian Defense. True to his style, Tal plays very aggressively and strives to create maximum complications as soon as possible. With 21. …Nf4!? the attacking legend speculatively sacrifices a piece to disrupt white´s coordination, embarking on a dangerous attack that confused the legendary Botvinnik. This game really is fascinating as you can see both player´s respective styles – Tal was an insane attacker who would never hesitate to sacrifice and jump into complications, while Botvinnik saw the game through the eyes of a scientist and preferred a calmer, more patient strategy to strangle his opponents into submission. Although Botvinnik did handle the attack OK and proceeded to sacrifice the material back to obtain good drawing chances, Tal conducted a beautiful endgame with the two bishops and extra pawn to convert the full point in 47 moves.
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