The Stonewall Attack is queen’s Pawn Opening, characterised by White playing d4, intending e3, c3, f4 with Bd3 and Nbd2. As a system opening, the moves are often not in strict order. If Black fails to react actively, White may develop a lethal attack on the Black King, with themes such as: Ng1-f3-e5, Rf1-f3-h3, and Bxh7+ as a precursor to Qd1-h5 — where Queen and Rook combine on the h-file. The Stonewall Attack can arise with transitions from the Colle system and Bird’s openings, and also shares some similarities — in terms of themes and patterns — with the Dutch Stonewall Defence.
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★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER ★ GOOGLE+ ★ LIVESTREAM This is a chess game from 1907: Georg Rotlewi vs Akiba Rubinstein. As a result of Akiba’s brilliant combination where he sacrifices his queen, this game is regarded as Rubinstein’s Immortal. Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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