Question by E. Shawn: Where do I go to learn opening chess theory?
I would like to start learning opening chess theory. Not just moves, but the advantages and disadvantages that each opening along with its variation provides as well as other things important in the opening. Thanks!

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Answer by Knowledge seeker
there are two books you can find at almost any bookstore including borders barnes and nobles etc.
first one is chess openings for white
second one is chess openings for black

also you could type in the opening on google and look at it on wikipedia. for example type in 1.e4 and then google will pull up king pawn opening on wikipedia tell how it is advantageous or dis advantageous and how to best use it. very theoretical.

i always do kings pawn opening because if they use sicilian defence you can use sicilian grand prix attack look it up. also the scandinavian defence is easy to counter so 1.e4 known as kings pawn opening is best.

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