Question by Apple II: How to improve in a chess middlegame?
I’m an intermidiate player in chess and I find that most of my mistakes/ times where I lose in a game come from the middlegame. After moving my peices out trying to control the middle of the board, I’m not really sure what to do and doing the same thing every time won’t always work. What are some ways to get better at a chess middlegame other than just trading off peices?
I also find myself playing from behind alot and i’ve lost my queen 3 times (without exchanging it for another peice) and came back and won, so I need to go into the endgame WINNING not from behind all the time.

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Answer by TW
Never forget that it is always good to trade off pieces IF you have an advatage.

In the middlegame, push to attack your opponent’s king. It is basically what the middlegame is for. Usually, if you take the offensive, you will get a trade of pieces, and rarely will you lose them. THEN, you trade off pieces,

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