Question by Tibbs: What is the best free Chess Training software?
I’ve seen some very expensive Chess training software. What is the best option for a free software trainer?

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Answer by Bill

Free software for chess training is pretty rare. I think that it is important to have a good pgn viewer … I like Winboard in MS Windows and I use eboard on my Linux systems. Winboard is also GUI for playing chess. The newest versions have analysis options.

Beyond that there is Nagasaki, an excellent free chess program.

Interestingly, there is a vast amount of chess help programs on the internet. One of the best is:

Is an excellent chess resource. It is a website where chess videos are made many of them are of high quality and the training tips are fantastic.

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) has chess lectures that can be very informative.

One of my very favourite chess websites is:

It is an on-lline chess community where chess is discussed — the daily puzzles are enchanting.

There are more, but that should get you started …

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