Question by Vishy: What chess software would you recommend that gives commentary on chess games, openings and defences?
I am looking for chess software that has a database of games played by great players. I would like the software to play the games out on-screen and give a commentary at the same time (for example, “Kasparov uses Sicilian Defence in this move”, etc.

Any recommendations?

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Answer by liberal_60
I don’t think there is any software that does exactly what you describe, but there are hundreds of thousands of games that you can play through from online data bases such as:

And there are thousands of books that provide the type commentary that you are seeking.

All you would have to do is match the commentary in a book with the same game online. Fairly easy to do. Most games noteworthy enough to be annotated in a book are also in the online databases.

Which book? That depends on your skill level, and if you are on a budget it may depend on what is available at the local public library. Some books are targeted at beginners, some at grandmasters, some at intermediate levels. Give us some idea of your experience and knowledge, then we can recommend some books. You should also consider these instructive comments from a well known teacher regarding chess game annotations.

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