Question by Teddy: Which is the most recent chess opening book ?

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Answer by liberal_60
I assume you are asking about a book cataloging all openings. In that case there are:

Modern Chess Openings 15th edition (MCO-15) 2008 and Fundamental Chess Openings (FCO) 2009

Both have all the classic lines and some fairly recent games.
MCO has more lines and more details, FCO has more explanation

Neither are really books about how to play openings. They are more like catalogs. They show the moves but have only a limited amount of information about why one move is better than another.

Both books get mixed reviews. Neither is appropriate for a beginner.
If you are a beginner I suggest “Winning Chess Openings” by Seirawan and Silman. 2003
It is not brand new, but it can give you an understanding of openings that MCO and FCO make no attempt to provide.

Of course there are more recent books if you want a book about a particular opening.

If you really want the latest information and don’t necessarily care about classic lines, then you need to go with periodicals- probably “New in Chess“, though it is primarily for very advanced players.

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