Question by Dave: Where can I find a guide to help me respond to chess moves?
I’m trying hard to learn the game, and I am practicing traditional attacks against an AI player (I play chess titans on my PC), but after my first 3 moves I just don’t know how to respond. What is the best way to learn how to respond to certain moves my COMPUTER opponent makes. (NOTE: I do not want some way to cheat nor do I condone cheating in anyway, I just want to learn the game)

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Answer by liberal_60
Start with this page of ten tips at the US Chess Federation Chess site to learn basic principles.

Then move on to two books called “Winning Chess Openings” and “Winning Chess Tactics” by Sierawan. You can probably get them from your library, or

Then study Dan Heisman’s Novice Nook Columns on line.

Then spend the rest of your life studying the thousands of books and grandmaster games available.

Play lots of slow games, not speed chess.
Join a chess club and get a coach.
Study your own games and your errors.

Good luck

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