Question by Rush: how to beat a copycat chess player?
A player is copying my moves in one of our games.From the opening is there something I can do to win this?

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Answer by Long John Silver
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So the saying goes. The fact that someone is copying every one of your moves may indicate you are playing against someone who doesn’t know how to play well, who believes you are a much better player than he is, or who isn’t playing chess at all, but is just getting a kick out of copying you. How immature.

In any event, the best bet for you is to simply play your best chess game, and let your opponent play as he wishes. As soon as you check his king, he won’t be copying you anymore. He will have to make a move that eliminates the threat to his king, and then the copying process is over. Enjoy your victory. 🙂 – LJS

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