Question by dogvirusdoo: How good am I at chess based on chessmaster?
I finally beat “Berry” in Chessmaster 10, I’m just wondering how much I have to go to get to an advanced level that could win in tournaments. I’m running the game on a pentium 4 if that makes a difference.

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Answer by Intocable
In over-the-board chess tournaments, most players run into the problem that, the better they get, the harder it is to win tournaments. You keep having to play tougher and tougher opponents. My advice is to not worry about how strong you are. Just enter an unrated section in a big money tournament. It might be your last chance to win a substantial prize.

I haven’t played any version of Chessmaster in many years, so I don’t know who Berry is. If you’re good enough to beat Chessmaster 10 at some level, chances are you’re good enough to win plenty of games–at least at the lower levels.

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