British Staunton Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood & Golden Rosewood – 4″ King

British Staunton Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood & Golden Rosewood - 4

  • Ebonized Boxwood & Golden Rosewood
  • Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel
  • King Height: 4″
  • King Base: 1.875″
  • King Weight: 3.4 oz.

Our British Staunton chess set originates from the old British Chess Company design from years past. This set has a sleek profile with a traditional straight base, a small and stylish knight, and unusually tall rook and pawn. The ebonized boxwood is polished to a smooth, lustrous finish that nearly looks like real ebony. The golden rosewood has warm gold and brown colors that creates a softer contrast with the ebonized pieces than does the most often used boxwood.

The king, queen, and bishop columns have a graceful curve creating a beautiful profile. The king has a traditional formee cross. The queen’s crown has 9 sharp points that are perfectly spaced and left thick enough to prevent breaking. The bishop miter is tall, slender, and symetrical in shape. The rook stands even with the top of the knight’s head and has a straight taper from the parapet to the base. The parapets are tall and have 6 deep crenels. The pawns are tall with large heads that make them easy to grab when playing. An all round great set for play and one you will want to leave out.
Chess Set Weight: 80 oz.
2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion
Green Billiard Cloth Pads
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.125″ – 2.375″ Squares (chessboard is not included)

List Price: $ 119.95

Price: $ 119.95

Majestic Staunton Wood Chess Pieces with 4″ King – Ebonized

Majestic Staunton Wood Chess Pieces with 4

  • 4″ King Height
  • 1 3/4″ King Base
  • King Weighs 70 Grams

The Majestic Staunton Wood Chess set is yet another set new to our collection of fine wood chess pieces. The eye-catching king stands 4 inches tall with a 1 3/4 inch base. The knight is as noble a steed as we have ever seen in a set in this price range. You will be proud to have this set on permanent display for all your friends and associates to admire. The dark side of this set is made from an Ebonized hardwood, which gives the dark pieces the look of fine ebony, but eliminates many of the problems associated with ebony, such as cracking. The light pieces as made of Boxwood. The pieces all have felt bottoms. Typical to fine wood, the grain and color may vary slightly from piece to piece. Treat them as you would fine furniture. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and store them in a humidity stable area. We suggest using a board with squares at least 2 1/4 inches. Complete set of 32 pieces – extra queens not available for this set.

List Price: $ 129.99

Price: $ 109.99

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