Boris Savchenko

GM Boris Savchenko

GM Boris Savchenko continued in the best way his final run at Moscow Open 2013. After catching up with the leaders, the Russian Grandmaster won his last round game to secure a top standing.

Savchenko now stands 1/2 points ahead of Mamedov, Smirnov, Nepomniachtchi, and Kokarev, who finished their games with early draws. Now the only players that can still catch up with Savchenko are GM Pavel Maletin and GM Ildar Khairullin. They are currently playing their direct encounter, follow the final moments of Moscow Open 2013 with computer analysis.

Update: GM Pavel Maletin – GM Ildar Khairullin is officially draw, which makes GM Boris Savchenko champion of Moscow Open 2013. Congratulations!

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