The FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) has been very active this year again in promoting chess for young women around the world. There have been on-going training sessions and opportunities given for top girls from Latin-America to improve, earn norms, and gain experience in international competition.

Susan Polgar, on behalf of the WOM and in collaboration with Accademia Internazionale Di Scacchi, is currently providing training for 10 of the top young Italian female players. Within the next couple of months, two more WOM training sessions will take place, one to Botswana, and the other in Madagascar.

WOM is proud to announce a new world class initiative to further advance the top young female players worldwide.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has agreed to personally pledge 40,000 euros for two exclusive training sessions for the most talented young female players from around the world in 2014. He also pledged 20,000 euros each subsequent year for one annual exclusive training session. The idea is to raise the playing level of the elite young talent.

The first one will take place in Switzerland (Geneva) and a second one in Thailand (near Bangkok), both in the summer of 2014. These sessions will be hosted and co-sponsored by FIDE, Webster University, and the Susan Polgar Foundation.

FIDE-WOM training in Spoleto


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