The 10th Copenhagen Chess Challenge is scheduled to take place on 14-18th May at the premises of chess club “BMS Skak” in Ballerup, near Copenhagen.

The tournament will be a 9-round Swiss event, intended to provide norm opportunities and targeted primarily towards players with ELO, young chess players, and title holders.

Prizes: (DKK) 4000/3000/2000/1000/1000 Danish Kroner (DKK)

Entry fees:
Title holders GM, IM, WGM, WIM – Free
FM, WFM – 400 DKK
Players with FIDE rating – 600 DKK
Players without FIDE rating – 800 DKK

Currently top rated players are Grandmasters Jonny Hector (last year winner) Vladimir Georgiev, Henrik Danielsen, Throstur Thorhallsson, Carsten Høi, and International Masters Thorsten Michael Haub, Klaus Berg and Jens Ove Fries Nielsen.

Signup through the tournament website or contact Lars-Henrik Bech Hansen – Mobile phone: +45 27 57 63 58