chess-anyoneAs the game of chess grows in practically every region of the world, so does the number of chess media. is the new website on the horizon, entering with a positive and professional message. is a non-profit organization created in August 2013. It aims to democratize the game of chess by developing a variety of projects that have social, scientific, event, media or other benefits.

The team of presents itself:

Chess isn’t the elitist game you thought it to be. It breaks down all sorts of barriers : social, geographical, ethnic, religious, gender, generational, physical. The game of chess is universal.

What are its limits? Only those of the human mind, which means virtually none !

And its advantages? The joy of a game where only talent and merit count; social interaction resulting from an activity that is, first and foremost, a social game ; the opportunity and pleasure to play anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Our Chess Anyone team hopes you enjoy visiting our website.

Chess Anyone aims to invest in any project that has the primary goal of sharing our love of the game with others, whether :

• through analysis of recent games, whether played by the world’s best, or by other lovers of the game (The Chess Observer);

• by live reporting (in situ) to show the intensity and the experience of a match, a tournament, a game;

• through projects promoting social inclusion or for building self-esteem (Egaux & Alter-ego);

• or reviews of books hidden in the library of one of our team members (Bibliothèque).

If you would like to get in touch with, you can contact them at email: