Chess King’s Complete Chess Course 3 DVD Combo

Chess King's Complete Chess Course 3 DVD Combo

  • Complete Chess Course Endgames 5 hours of instruction
  • All you need to know about chess openings, tactics, strategy and endgames
  • DVD video NTSC all world zones playable on any TV or PC/Mac
  • Featuring 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk
  • Useful for parent and coaches as an aid to teaching

Chess King’s Complete Chess Course is the quickest and easiest way to learn the chess basics, the patterns, tips, strategies, techniques which will turn you from a beginner into an accomplished chess player. The DVD video format makes it simple to improve your chess. Just watch, listen and learn. This Course is a fountain of knowledge for parents and coaches. The set contains close to 5 hours of structured instruction with over 100 ready-to-use examples of sound chess fundamentals. Recommended for players Unrated to 1500 Elo.

Disk 1: Opening Principles disk. It demonstrates that you don’t need to try to memorize hundreds of opening variations as long as you play the opening by following common basic ideas. You’ll learn all about fast development, centralization, mobility, and defense, all of which will help you get a good position which will lead directly into a playable middle game.

Disk 2: Tactics and Strategy disk. You’ll discover a variety of tactical weapons that you could use over and over to win material and gain an advantage over your opponents. You’ll also learn all about chess strategy, plans and formations that will provide you with a lasting edge.

Disk 3: Endgames disk. When few pieces are left on the board, knowing the proper procedures can spell the difference between victory and defeat. In this DVD, you will be introduced to the most common chess endgames. Knowing these key concepts and positions will increase your success in your tournament practice and will allow you to convert a material advantage into a win. You will learn about opposition, triangulation, Philidor and Lucena positions, and more.

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Price: $ 49.99

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