The Chess Store Red & Beige Vinyl Rollup Chess Board – 2.375″ Squares

The Chess Store Red & Beige Vinyl Rollup Chess Board - 2.375

This is an extra-large vinyl rollup chess board with 2.375″ squares for larger sets such as our Zukert Series chess sets. It measures 21″ square and has alpha-numeric notation on the rank and file. Our vinyl rollup chess board is the best one being sold today! Unlike similar chess boards that sell for a dollar or two less, we invested in high quality vinyl that is soft and pliable, yet extremely durable so our chess board unrolls flat and has significantly less curl-memory. Along with the high quality vinyl we also added a cloth backing that also helps the chess board stay flat and looking better after repeated use. Available in black, green, red, blue, and brown.

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List Price: $ 5.95

Price: $ 2.35

Vinyl Folding Chess Board Green & Camel – 2″ Squares

Vinyl Folding Chess Board Green & Camel - 2

  • 1 – 9.95
  • 2-4 – .45
  • 5-10 – .95
  • 11-25 – .45
  • 26+ – .95

Folding chess boards are an old time favorite! No need to roll it up so there’s no problem with it laying flat. This folding board is covered in a durable vinyl that can be easily washed. It measures 19 1/2″ square, has 2 1/8″ squares, and easy to read notation.
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List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 9.95