Chess Teacher

Chess Teacher

  • For two players
  • Perfect learning set for chess beginners
  • Chess pieces are marked with arrows to teach the player what direction the chess pieces can move
  • Pieces are large enough for little hands to grasp
  • 6 Years + Up

This Chess Teacher is a learning set for the beginner. Have you always wanted to learn how to play chess’ The Chess Teacher easily shows how many spaces each piece can move and in which directions. No reading required. Complete with deluxe 15″ x 15″ chess board. For two players.In an age that seems convinced high tech is always better, it’s nice to see such an intelligently low-tech approach to teaching the world’s greatest board game. This is simply a standard plastic Staunton-style chess set–with one big difference. Each piece is marked with its name, its value, and the directions in which it can legally move when moving or taking. The large (2-inch), hollow pieces are lightweight and feel pretty flimsy, but in fact they’re sturdy and their extra-wide bases give them the stability that small, clumsy fingers need. A folding board and instructions are included with the set. The instructions, unfortunately, are weak; they’re best used as an aid to memory by someone who has already had the game explained. –Richard Farr

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 11.98

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