Win With The Dynamic Chess Course – Module # 1

Win With The Dynamic Chess Course - Module # 1

Chess books, by being too technical, can destroy your enthusiasm to become a strong chess player. Chess instructors are expensive and chess courses are too often too basic, explaining little more than how the pieces move!
Thanks to Amazon and the Kindle The Dynamic Chess Course is now available at a truly affordable price. Currently the course is still selling on Clickbank for a month and, at one course module each month, it takes almost four years to complete the course!
Kindle readers can now download each part of the course without having to wait a month for it.
Each separate book contains bite-sized chunks of chess tactics and strategy as well as sections on the openings, the middlegame and the endgame.
Examples from the games of the Grandmasters are used throughout to illustrate each topic and there’s always a liberal sprinkling of ‘dynamic’ boards (where the pieces move before your eyes).
This is the same wonderfully comprehensive and entertaining course but at a price which makes it accessible to every chess player.
But first, here’s a very important question you need to ask yourself…
Are you now already as good a chess player as you’re ever going to be?
If you believe you’re already at your peak…then you’re probably right and you won’t benefit from this course because your mindset is all wrong.
If you’re not serious about becoming a great player then you just need to pick up one of those online free chess courses and go and watch a video about how to checkmate in four moves.
If, however, you’re determined to work and to study the masses of material in this chess course your skill level will soar as you transform yourself into a truly fearsome chess player.


FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings

FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings

* The perfect survival guide to the chess openings
* All openings covered
* Detailed verbal explanations of plans for both sides
* Up-to-date and featuring many tips and recommendations
* Insights into the ‘character’ of each opening
* Written by one of the world’s foremost opening experts

The first moves of a chess game define the nature of the whole struggle, as both players stake their claim to the critical squares and start to develop their plans. It is essential to play purposefully and to avoid falling into traps or reaching a position that you don’t understand.

This is not a book that provides masses of variations to memorize. Paul van der Sterren instead offers a wealth of ideas and explanation, together with the basic variations of each and every opening. This knowledge will equip players to succeed in the opening up to good club level, and provide a superb grounding in opening play on which to build a more sophisticated repertoire. The strategies he explains will, unlike ever-changing chess opening theory, remain valid as long as chess is played, and so the time spent studying this book will be rewarded many times over.

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 16.42

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