Better Thinking for Better Chess (Better Thinking for…)

Better Thinking for Better Chess (Better Thinking for...)

This book is based upon a directed study in psychology that I did back in 1988 as a part of my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. I conducted some suveys and experiments at three different chess tournaments in the Tampa area and the results of these surveys and experiments are in this book along with my conclusions based upon this study.

I was looking to determine what the differences in thinking are between beginning chess players and intermediate chess players and between intermediate chess players and chess masters. Some of the results surprised me.

I used the outline that was required for psycholgy experiments at the time that this study was done and updated the tables and added some charts to make the data easier to understand. However, if you do not understand how to read chi square tables and you are unwilling to learn how to then you may want to skip over that part of this book.

In this second edition I corrected some spacing and formatting errors that were in the first edition. Any updates to content will be in the next volume of this series.