International Chess Open Tarvisio 2014

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The 1st International Open Tarvisio 2014 is set to take place on 17-21st April at the Palasport in Tarvisio, Italy.

The tournament is organized by the Comune di Tarvisio, Provincia di Udine and Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi.

The event will be held over 7 rounds of Swiss system with the time control 90 min + 30 sec per move. The total prize fund is 4500 EUR.

Tarvisio (German and Friulian: Tarvis, Slovene: Trbiž) is a comune (town) in the Province of Udine, the northeastern part of the autonomous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Italy. Located at the border with both Austria and Slovenia, Tarvisio and its neighbouring municipalities of Arnoldstein and Kranjska Gora form the tripoint of Romance, Germanic and Slavic Europe.

Registration at,, cell. 392 2159003



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Predict the winners at Zurich Chess 2014 to win prizes

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chessbet, the website that offers free betting on chess events, has launched a promotion where chess enthusiasts can predict the outcome of the Zurich Chess Classic and nice prizes. Zurich 2014 is starting on the 29th of January and it will be the strongest chess tournament ever with an average rating of 2801. The participating players include Carlsen, Aronian, Anand, Nakamura, Caruana, and Gelfand.

ChessBet allows its users to bet on the results in chess events for free. Unlike at regular betting sites, no real money entrance is required. Still, the participants can win prizes such as chess magazine subscriptions, online chess club memberships, chess software and books (list of prizes).

“It is an excellent way to add more excitement when following major chess events online, especially as betting on chess is rarely available on regular sites.” says Adam W, a ChessBet user.

Place your prediction for Zurich at the ChessBet site


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Magnus Carlsen to play in Caxias do Sul, Brazil

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen will visit Brazil from 4th March to participate in the 13th Torneio Aberto Internacional de Xadrez “Festa da Uva” in Caxias do Sul, IM Dragan Stamenkovic of Ponto do Xadrez confirmed for Chessdom.

The first event will be a blind simul with visually impaired players on 6th March, followed by a lecture.

Next is a 4-player knockout tournament with Semifinal on 6th March and Final on 7th March. His opponents will be Grandmasters Gilberto Milos, Rafael Leitao and Andres Rodriguez (Uruguay). A press conference is to follow after the Final at 16h local.

The same evening from 19h Magnus Carlsen will give a simul with 35 players. The seats were sold out within half a day despite the price of 130 EUR!

On 8-9th March Carlsen will play in the 13th Open Rapid Tournament.

Anand - Carlsen game 2 1

The tournament format is slightly unusual, but already applied in 2010 and 2012 when the guests of honour were Vassily Ivanchuk and Judit Polgar.

The first two rounds will be played with the time control 16 min per player. Rounds 3-4 will be played with the time control 30 min per player. Rounds 5-9 will be played with the time control 60 min per player.

In the last two rounds (8 and 9), draws will not be possible! In case of a tie, an Armageddon game will settle the score.

The organizers are expecting around 400 participants from the whole country. Already 80 players are signed in, with 14 Grandmasters among them.


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1st Individual FIDE Zone (1.10) Championship 2014

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1. Invitation

The Cyprus Chess Federation and FIDE Zone 1.10, with the support of ECU and the FIDE Events Commission, are pleased to invite the members of Zone 1.10 to the 1st Individual FIDE Zone (1.10) Championship 2014, which will be held in Larnaca, Cyprus on 21–30th April 2014.

2. Tournament System

2.1. The event will be a twelve-player round-robin event and all players will be hosted on a full board basis in Larnaca, Cyprus.
2.2. Each member Federation is invited to send one player as its representative.
2.3. The host Federation will have 2 players and the 12th player will be selected from the top 3 players of the Zone.
2.4. Players accept that they have read the FIDE and Tournament Regulations and are obliged to follow them.
2.5 The Tournament Director is Mr Paris Klerides (General Secretary of the Cyprus Chess Federation) and may be contacted at or on +357 99663686, Skype account is parisklerides.

3. Time Control

For each player 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move one.



4. Draw Offers

“The players cannot draw a game by agreement before black’s 30th move. A claim for a draw before black’s 30th move is permitted only through the Chief Arbiter (or his Deputy) in the cases of perpetual check or threefold repetition.”

5. Schedule

Monday – 21st April 2014, Arrival Day & Opening Ceremony
Tuesday – 22nd April 2014, Round 1
Wednesday – 23rd April 2014, Round 2 & Round 3
Thursday – 24th April 2014, Round 4
Friday – 25th April 2014, Round 5 & Round 6
Saturday – 26th April 2014, FREE DAY
Sunday – 27th April 2014, Round 7
Monday – 28th April 2014, Round 8 & Round 9
Tuesday – 29th April 2014, Round 10
Wednesday – 30th April 2014, Round 11 & Closing Ceremony (Prize Giving)
Thursday – 1st May 2014, Departure Day

6. Travel Expenses and Airport Transfers

Travel expenses shall be covered by the participating Federations or players.
All players and accompanying persons are kindly asked to notify the organizers of their travel arrangements.

The transfer from the airport to the hotel in Larnaca will be managed by the organizers, free of charge. For any additional information about Larnaca we suggest the following site:

7. Board & Lodging

The participants will be provided with full board and lodging from dinner of 21st April 2014 to breakfast of 1st May 2014.

The Cyprus Chess Federation is also pleased to host one official from each member Federation, on a full board basis, between the 27th and 30th April 2014. A meeting for the Small Nations will be held during this time and the Cyprus Chess Federation will also try and set up a FIDE Trainer’s, Arbiter’s or Organizers seminar for these officials depending on the financial assistance which may be provided by the relevant interested parties.

Any additional accompanying person will have to pay for their stay, directly in the hotel. The Zone Council will ensure that the playing hall and hotel is up to international standard.

8. Prizes and trophies

The prizes for the event are: 1st – 2,000 euros, 2nd – 1,500 euros, 3rd – 1000 euros
In case of a tie, any prize money will be split equally.

If two or more players tie for any of the first three places, the tie to decide the awarding of the trophies will be broken (in descending order) by:
– Direct encounter
– The greater number of wins
– Sonneborn Berger
– Score Koya System

The winner of the Zone Championship will be one of FIDE president nominations for FIDE World Cup 2015.

9. Drawing of Lots and Pairings

The drawing of Lots will be made during the Technical meeting or Opening Ceremony at the start of the event. Players will be called out to select a number based on their rating with the highest rated player first.

Pairings will be made with Swiss Manager Software and pairings/results will be posted on the Cyprus Chess Federation’s website as well as on

10. Appeals Committee

• The Appeals Committee will be selected prior to the first round during the Technical Meeting.
• This Committee shall consist of three members and two reserve members. Its members will be chosen by the players from their own number or from representatives of the national federations present at the tournament. The members of the Committee should belong to different federations.
• No member of the Committee is entitled to take decision in cases affecting a player of his own federation.
• The protest must be accompanied with the sum of €50 EUR, as a deposit from the signatory. If the protest is accepted and the decision changed, then the deposit will be returned back to the claimant. Otherwise money will be transferred to the Cyprus Chess Federation’s Treasury.
• Protests must be submitted to the Appeals Committee in writing, not more than 30 minutes after the end of the relevant playing session.
• The Committee shall reach its decision before mid-day on the day following the protest. Its decision is final.

11. Registration – Information

Deadline for Registration is Monday 17th of March 2014.

Registrations and travel details should be sent to the Tournament Director:

Mr. Paris Klerides
Skype account: parisklerides.
Tel: +357 99663686,

12. Any other matter

For any other matter not mentioned in the General Regulations, the Tournament Director may decide according to the FIDE Tournament Regulations.


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Zurich Chess 2014 LIVE!

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Zurich Chess Challenge is set to take place from 29th January to 4th February, 2014, in the largest city in Switzerland, Russian Chess Federation announced.

Last year’s winner Fabiano Caruana will be back to defend the title. He will be challenged by Viswanathan Anandand Magnus Carlsen, in their first meeting after the World Championship match in Chennai.

Levon Aronian, Hikaru Nakamura and Boris Gelfand complete the field. All of them participated in the recently completed Tata Steel 2014 (replay all games with analysis), and Levon Aronian was the convincing winner of the event.

Game with prizes: Guess the winners in each round of Zurich 2014

Note: Rounds start at 15:00 CET, round 1 is on Janruary 30th. On January 29th there is a blitz tournament, which you can follow live here

More information: Official website / Live games with analysis / Live games alternative / Play free online at Chessdom Arena


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First Move at Tradewise 2014

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The First Move of the 2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival at The Gibraltar Masters tournament took place this afternoon at the Caleta Hotel.

At precisely 3pm (Gibraltar time) James Humpreys, Chairman of Tradewise Gibraltar Insurance Ltd, the main sponsor of this event made the first move on the top board against top seeded player Grandmaster Michael Adams, England’s No.1 and ranked 13th in the world.

In his First Round game Mr Adams is playing against one of the many Spanish players in this festival FM Emilio Miguel Sanchez Jerez from Murcia.

James Humpreys, whose company has been sponsoring the game for nine years, four of them as the main sponsor, welcomed the players and wished them well. “Have a great time!” he told them all.

Gibraltar Masters first move

Tradewise Chairman James Humphreys makes the first move against England No.1 Michael Adams. Standing is Mr Adams opponent Spanish player FM Emilio Miguel Sanchez Jerez (Photograph by Sophie Triay)

As play began he spoke of the importance of the development of chess on the Rock and of the Festival itself.

“Tradewise is becoming synonymous with chess as much as it is to insurance and this is important for Gibraltar. In chess we have Tata Steel, and I hoping that over the years Tradewise will be exactly the same as that company in its association with the festival,” he said.

Moments later the 252 chess players in The Masters from some 60 countries made their opening moves in the tournament which is being held over the next 10 days over 10 rounds.

The top woman player this year is Anna Muzychuk (Slovenia).

Visit the tournament website

Top board Adams and Sanchez Jerez

Top board Adams and Sanchez Jerez


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